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Day in the Life of QU’s men’s lacrosse coaches

The average day in the life of a Quincy University student consists of many different things. For all the athletes on campus, their day-to-day process could look much different than the day of a local commuter student or that of a student who attends the university online. The typical day for a QU staff member looks very different compared to

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Masking Mandate: Mandatory or Optional?

Two students sit socially distanced wearing masks in closed environment settings as per policy and rules based on Quincy universities newest rendition of mask mandates and policies

On Feb. 25, 2022, Quincy University president Brian McGee sent out an email to all the students and faculty staff of the university. The email included general information and a university specific update on the requirements for mask mandates, COVID-19 testing, and vaccinations.  Highlighting what exactly it was that went into effect the Monday, Feb. 28th, based on the information

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