Mike Colombo: Anchor/Consumer Investigative Reporter Fox 2/KPLR 11 St.Louis

What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job?

  • Challenging: Meeting people dealing with tragedy. Advocating for consumers dealing with issues. The schedule.
  • Interesting: Going places and meeting people I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Learning about things I wouldn’t necessarily pursue on my own.
  • Rewarding: Helping people gets results they couldn’t on their own. Drawing attention to people/issues that need attention but aren’t getting it.

How do I use various communication proficiencies in my work?

  • The ability to write well is probably number one in every facet of my job.
  • Being able to report clearly and concisely. Not too wordy.

What surprised me about my career?

  • The toll it can take on relationships. How much the media gets blamed for problems it didn’t create. How unwilling news consumers can be to seek out different viewpoints.

Here’s my number one piece of advice for Communication undergrads:

  • Be willing to accept delayed gratification. Network. Develop mentors. Have your work critiqued by people you admire in your industry. Never get complacent and realize everyone is replaceable.

Graduation year: 2008

Previous jobs since graduation: Reporter at WGEM-TV, WHAS 11-TV, KMOV-TV


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