Memes for Christ help students evangelize

By Wyatt Randolph

The students involved in the theology department have plenty of places around campus to hangout and relax, but two stand out. It is common to find the theology students hanging around in the theology lounge and in the campus ministry house.

There are many rooms throughout Francis Hall, but there is only one with a comfortable couch. The theology lounge is located on the fourth floor.

The theology lounge is comfortable, small room. It smells of coffee and old books. Its warm atmosphere provides the theology students with a relaxing place to study, read and converse with other students.

“I found the couch,” David Spillman said.

 The couch is essential for any student who wants to unwind between classes.

The door to the lounge is easily identifiable. The door is covered with many printed out memes relating to various Christian references and pop culture. Joe Siemer sees the memes as a way of evangelizing.

“When people see us having fun, we show that is not a drag to be religious,” Siemer said.

There have been two issues with the memes on the door this semester. One was a Garfield meme that could have been seen as potentially offensive, since it showed Garfield saying he was going back to the clergy in order to get away from his nagging wife. It was taken down before any complaints were made.

The second event came when Josiah Prenger put up a copy of the 95 Theses, written by Martin Luther, on the door to poke fun at the history behind it. Siemer decided to oppose this action and decided the best course of action was to take down the theses print in joking defiance.

To solve this, Prenger and Jake Terry posted the theses again, this time, downsizing the image so it would be less noticeable on the board. The theses were again taken down.

The third posting of the theses has been successful. The 95 theses now sit on the door untouched but is so small that the words upon it are illegible.

When theology students are not in the lounge, they can also be found in the Campus Ministry House. Those at the Ministry House can often be seen studying, playing complicated board games or baking bread.

Those who live at the ministry house are part of the St. Junipero Serra living community who’s mission statement dedicates them to helping each other grow closer to God and helping others.

“It isn’t hard to join up. Everyone is welcome,” Siemer said.

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