Julianne Touhy: Senior Meeting Planner at the American Bar Association

What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job?

  • Planning a successful meeting is always a challenge. We are always looking for ways to be more innovative and to keep our members engaged. A rewarding part of my job is producing a successful meeting and knowing that I contributed, in a small way, to the decisions of tomorrow.

How do I use various communication proficiencies in my work?

  • Clear, concise communication methods are pivotal in my position. I have used a business letter template that Dr. John taught in his Business Communications class more now than when I was in the class. I also have used Photoshop, InDesign, and Publisher.

What surprised me about my career? 

  • Meeting planning was not even on my radar when I graduated from Quincy University. I thought I would use my degree and go save the world in Washington DC. However, I planned more events at QU then I ever did and found a real love for it. Now I am sitting in a position where I can plan AND help change the world by facilitating events for the Lawyers, Judges, and Politicians in America. So, it surprises me the most that my life has come full circle.

Here’s my number one piece of advice for Communication undergrads:

  • BE OPEN! There is so much you can do with a Communication degree! Learn all the programs (InDesign, Photoshop) they will become valuable to you after undergrad. Lastly, it is OKAY to not know what you want to do after college. You are not alone!

Class year: 2015

Previous jobs since graduation: Private Events Manager at 115 Bourbon St, Client Services Coordinator at Choose Chicago


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