New Communication students hear from alumni, upperclassmen

By: Taylor King

The Quincy University’s Communication Department had a “new majors night” Thursday, October 4th. About 10 new declared communication majors came to learn more and hear some words about what they can do in the future. There were current and former communication students who spoke about  what it is like to be a communication student.

The students learned that there are a lot of things you can do with a communication degree. Keeping their options open as to what they would like to do in the future is what will make the learning process a lot more enjoyable.

“At first I felt like a communication degree can only get you on one path but really it can take you to different careers, and that’s the beauty of majoring in communication,” Jose Rojas, sophomore, said.

Organizers even had an alumni come speak about his experiences as a communication major. Joe Laws hopes that the students can make a positive change in the world.

“I hope we were able to shine a light on the gifts that a communication degree can offer students. I want it to be a first choice for students who want to use communication to make positive changes in their lives, their communities, and hopefully the world,” Laws said.

The communication program is emerging into a wonderful program to offer students even more hands on experiences. Even by students’ freshman year, they will be able to get their feet wet by trying  things in person.

Being a part of the GLVCSN and learning how to produce, work the camera or even call the game for play-by-play or be the color analyst are all available to students. This was explained by a few of the current sports communication majors who said how fun it is to experience hands on classes the first two years of college.

But what the new group brings is their excitement to get started quickly. Dr. Barbra Schleppenbach, Associate Professor of Communication, loves the new group of students.

“I’m enthusiastic that so many of the first-year students chose QU with the new studio in mind and that they are eager to get started. They are hard working, and we have a great team spirit,” Schleppenbach said.

Getting involved in actives with the upperclassman will also help them get more experience and get some advice from experienced students.

“I hope that they will get involved in all the activities and opportunities for Communication majors.  Not only is that the best way to prepare for a career, it also enables them to meet upperclassmen and begin to find their place in a major that’s really like a family,” Schleppenbach said.

Looking into the future for the program, alumni are excited for the new platforms to take off.

“I’m happy to see that communication students are able to express themselves through multiple platforms. The QUTV studio and our social media channels are essential to get the message across concerning societal needs and stake a claim for themselves in public conversation throughout campus and our local community,” Laws said.

The communication department has worked hard to get its program going and to have the resources and equipment to make their students’ four years successful and enjoyable.

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