Intramural Darts Becomes A Tradition for Men’s Volleyball

By: Taylor King

Darts on Thursday nights is a fun way to relax with friends and has become a tradition at Quincy University.

The QU men’s volleyball team has been attending Thursday night darts tournament for years. It has turned into a tradition for the team and has been passed down as an activity for them to do every year.

The team does take this tournament very seriously. As well as having fun, they do get very competitive and almost every year they end up winning the darts tournament.

“We love darts. With our competitive drive to win, we usually do well and a lot better than other people that we are playing against. But there usually is one night where we don’t do well and the pushes us to do better the next week,” Zach Reider, sophomore, said.

But there is more than just the competitive side to going to darts on Thursday night. The bonding the guys get to share together is where the real memories are and to some of them this where they get to know their teammates more on a personal level.

“Darts is where I learned more about my teammates. I have had great conversations and have learned that I have more interests in common than I thought I did. I have gotten closer to my teammates from going to darts,” Connor Martin, sophomore, said.

Not only is the men’s volleyball team getting closer with each other this is where they have met other people and some of their closest friends to this day at Thursday night darts.

They think that this event should be a tradition for more teams, clubs or even just for friends because its a great way to get to know the people you are close with and others there as well. They encourage more people to come out because it is a social event as well to meet new people and possibly make lifetime friends.

“I met a variety of people just on the first night. Some upperclassmen and some that were freshman, like myself. I think some of them are going to be my friends throughout college. Darts just brings people together which is what I like the most about it. I look forward to Thursday nights every week now,” Thomas Robson says.

The unique thing about darts is that sometime you can find some of the professors going to darts as well. They enjoy spending time with their students outside of the classroom to get to know them better and this too is something they look forward to.

From teams, students and professors, darts is a great way to get together from time away from sports, school or even their jobs.

Darts continues until the beginning of December.

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