Bass brings new coaches and transfers to QU

By Alexa Low

Coming off of a 4-7 football season, head coach Gary Bass has a few adjustments he’s making for the 2019 season.

Bass would like to change things up offensively as he will be holding the head coach and offensive line coach positions for this upcoming season. He hopes to pick up the pace offensively by switching from a pro-style offense, geared towards running the football, and moving to an up-tempo offense where the offense can pass the ball more.

As spring ball approaches, Bass has hired three new coaches and brought in five players thus far. Among the transfers are two players who graduated high school early and two players who came from other colleges. The fifth player is Oscee Calhoun who was projected to start at running back for the Hawks last season before a foot injury in the spring prevented him from playing. All five players have come just in time for spring ball to get adjusted with their teammates before the start of season in September.

The offensive coordinator, Keith Barefield Jr., came to QU from the University of Central Arkansas while the defensive line coach, Justin Corvit, came from the University of Central Michigan. Corvit will be replacing Darius Carey, the current defensive line coach, who graduates this May.

“He has the same thought process as far as culture and the things that we’re about as a program which is huge. He’s heading in the same direction as the type of program that we want to be in so that’s also a plus,” Bass compliments Barefield.

The third new hire is Aaron Dome who is the defensive back Graduate Assistant. Dome recently finished playing football at Minnesota Moorehead.

“He just got done playing and any time you get a guy who just got done, I think it’s an added advantage for the players,” Bass said.

Later on in the semester Bass will be on the lookout for a new wide receiver coach as well.

“Spring ball” consists of weight lifting and yoga up until the end of the signing period on February 6th. The coaches are then allowed to start winter conditioning and lifting but no field work.

With the coaches not being allowed to do any field work due to NCAA rules, Bass relies on the leaders of the team to encourage players to put in work on their own time.

“We stay away from them and they do it on their own which is actually a good thing because it creates more leadership and forces them to be more engaged with us,” Bass said.

After spring break, the coaches are allotted 15 practices with the team which includes three scrimmages. The last scrimmage, the spring ball game, is treated much like a regular game where the players are split into two teams: the brown and white teams. Bass brings in real officials and the players are able to play in their jerseys for the first time of the season.

The spring ball game will be held on Saturday, April 27th.

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