Brianna Berger: the girl behind the lens

Being a student-teacher senior is not always easy, but Brianna Berger makes it look easy. All while running her own photography business.

Berger is currently an English major from Murphysboro, Illinois; however, she initially came in as a music education major.

She has plans to transfer to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale to pursue a double major in early childhood education and elementary education.

This is to be closer to home and spend more time with her mom, dad, and brother (25).

Her passion for children stems from her work at the local YMCA in the nursery department as well as other departments.

Berger keeps herself busy as she is involved in both the YMCA and other clubs and organizations at Quincy University including the drama club, all of the choirs QU has to offer, and the children’s opera that the university hosts every year.

She can be often seen hanging with her friends hammocking on campus or driving around Quincy finding new places to explore.

Her friends often speak highly of her and rave about her easy going nature.

“I admire Bri for her character and morals which make up her personality. She puts others in front of herself and finds ways to overcome problems that come before her,” Jesse Mose said.

Even those who have not known Berger for long admire her personality and value her friendship.

“Bri understands the meaning of friendship and will fulfill the nuances of being a friend and good-natured person to her greatest effort,” Lance Frederick said.

She was a orientation leader for two years, helping all the incoming freshmen transition to college life, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bailey Mitchell was a member of Berger’s orientation group in 2020, when QU had all of the restrictions and quarantine measures in place.

“Bri was my OL, and she was so nice. When I had COVID, I missed orientation, but when I got there, she was nice enough to go out of her way and show me around campus to ensure I had a successful first semester,” Mitchell said.

Three girls are painting glow in the dark frisbees for an orientation event (2020).
Chelsea Hooker, Sarah Steinkamp, and Brianna Berger are painting glow in the dark frisbees for orientation week (2020).

However, that is not the only thing that keeps Berger busy now and days.

Berger freelances her photography skills to anyone seeking for high quality pictures and willing to explore different styles of shoots and modeling.

She mostly utilizes her friends and unknown locations around Quincy to provide her with inspiration to have perfect and educational photo shoots.

A man poses in front of some greenery for a photoshoot.
Former QU student Zach Reider poses for Berger in one of her first shoots.

With every individual shoot, she ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident in everything that they do.

While the booking through her website is currently down, she has numerous other ways for potential clients to reach out and book a session.

Berger is known in the educational community, and any one who has the pleasure of being her friend knows they have a loyal and caring friend with a unique talent.

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