Students ‘Ignite’ faith at worship event

By Adam Meyer

Ignite is a night to become deeper in your faith. With music and other ways of worship, students come for free to this event in the Hawks Hangout.

Times of all Ignite events for the rest of the school year.

An hour out of a Thursday evening to have time for praise and worship is what the surface of Ignite is. Below the surface, it is a way to get more involved with faith life on campus, and even with oneself. Organizers say participants may not feel something overnight but that they might feel a spiritual connection the night they decide to go.

Students are able to bring blankets to sit on the floor with their friends or they can sit in seats that surround the stage. There is a projection screen that plays the lyrics that will help you follow along with the songs that are being sung by Genesis Torrens and Casey Pigg. Both are spiritual leaders on campus.

“Students should come to Ignite for the peaceful ambiance, the prayerful music, and for the opportunity it provides to encounter God and each other. The event falls mid-week, encouraging us all to take a break from students fast-paced lives, and join the rest of our community as our faith and our spirit are reignited,” Torrens said.

On Quincy University’s campus there are many ways to become involved with faith life, the students have to be willing to be on the journey to find it. With everybody’s busy schedules as athletes or work, going to Ignite could calm them and open their minds to new opportunities.

“Students should go to Ignite because it is a perfect time in the week to put aside all of our daily distractions and be able to spend time in the presence of the Lord. It is so important to have that time so that we can be filled with the Lord’s peace, love, and comfort as well as a time to ignite and grow our faith with fellow students of every denomination outside of mass or services,” Pigg said.

You don’t have to be a student to come to the event as shown by Ray Heilmann’s dedication to the event and the performers.

“Any time I can see students at QU do great things, I am there!  I cannot sing at all.  Words to the songs are shown on a screen.  Because of the great performers, I find myself singing because I am inspired by Genesis Torrens, Casey Pigg, and other members of the group,” Heilmann said

Last year Heilmann was the director of the campus ministry and knows how much his event means to students who come either once or return every other week. Other staff and local Quincy residents come to this event.

“Great music by great students at QU.  Very inspiring!  Performers come from all different faiths.  A superb one hour!” Heilmann said.

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