Make your Mark: Missouri wrestler battles outside the ring

By Reggie Austin

Mark Morton more commonly known as Marcus Mansfield “Every Lady’s Fantasy” has been an essential heel in Missouri Wrestling Revival and in Missouri Powerhouse Wrestling. Having two championships under his belt, Morton is no stranger to a tough fight.

Mark Morton shows off a win in the ring.

Meshawn Marshall is a junior at QU who has been to a few of Morton’s matches.

“The whole thing was amazing. I have to say I thought everything was fake going into it. Once I actually went, it’s real. Like people actually get hit with chairs and ladders and all that. It’s crazy that they all can do it but Mark can take a chair to the back like a champ,” Marshall said.

But his most recent bout is one that he’s been fighting outside of the ring.

On September 8th, Morton had a seizure in his living room. His family rushed him to Barnes Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis where they would perform a flurry of tests to figure out what he was dealing with. Three MRI’s and one brain biopsy of his brain revealed a possibly cancerous tumor.

He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a rare cancer that comes from a malignant tumor that affects the brain or the spine. Morton not being one to give up, he decided to keep fighting until the bell rings. He is currently undergoing radiation therapy and has a smile on his face doing so.

Brittany Orf is a junior at QU and she is a longtime friend of the Morton family.

“It is still heartbreaking and it is hard to see him like that because it’s not the Mark that I know but he is such an inspiration to me and so many other people,” Orf said.

Brittany Orf pictured next to Mark Morton after a Missouri Pro Wrestling match.

Orf talked about Morton and his never stay down mentality.

“He stays strong and continues on for himself and his family and friends,” Orf said.

His wife Carla Morton has started a movement, #MakeYourMark, to bring awareness to Glioblastoma and Mark’s ongoing fight.

Carla made a post encouraging his supporters to “Wear Your Shirt on Wednesdays” to show support of Mark’s radiation treatments. November 18th marked one week of radiation completed. After 6 weeks, he will done with radiation.

Carla Morton models supportive shirt.
Carla Morton models shirt made to support Mark’s cancer fight.
The t-shirt design for #MakeYourMark. The Morton family includes Mark’s faith background.
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