Internships: Finding the Right Fit For You

By Taylor King

Finding the right field to study in throughout college can already be stressful enough for some students. Some majors at Quincy University require internships. They help students get a better feeling of what the job they want is like.

Finding an internship can be difficult for some students, even students who are still looking for one as they enter their senior year in the fall.

“I am struggling to find an internship around where I live, since I do live far away it is more difficult to find the right one for me so I can get as much experience as I can,” Baylie Stephens, junior transfer, said.

Finding the right internship is the hardest part, not actually doing the work for it once you have it. There are plenty of opportunities all around the country but for a lot of students who live farther away it can be tricky to manage.

This is where the student success center can come in handy for students because they are able to help the process go smoothly.

In the SSC, you can find Kristen Liesen where she is the internship guru at QU. Students can go to her at anytime for internship needs.

The QUEST center that is located in the SSC is the place students can go for job opportunities, internship opportunities and everything they will need for a future after QU.

Liesen can help set up interviews, practice for interviews, help set up resumes, cover letters as well as help choose the right place to start a job or internship search.

Some students rushed their process in finding a good fit for themselves.

“Sometimes the internship you chose is not everything you set it out to be or what you thought it to be so you have to keep an eye out for that. I was very rushed with my search so it was not everything I had hoped,” Lauren Nadler, senior, said.

Most students are unaware of the resources that Quincy University has to offer their students because with the students that have actually used their resources have found that this process can be done fairly easy.

“I just went to the workshop that was held for writing your resume and cover letter which helped a lot, students should really look at their emails more to find out when these workshops are because they can help anyone. I had no idea how to set those up and the workshop cleared that up for me,” Sara Rathbun, junior, said.

For students who have experienced internships, they either have been a great opportunity for them or it was a downer in their opinion and figured out that they did not want to do that job after they had been working with it for a few months during their internship.

“Not that my internship wasn’t a great learning experience because it was but the job that I shadowed and worked with just wasn’t the best fit for me,” Nadler said.

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