How To Receive New Keys At Quincy University

By: Taylor King

Students losing room keys has become more of a trend at Quincy University.

As of this school year, over 30 lock changes have been submitted due to students losing their keys or students not turning in their keys after they move out.

Most students think that their keys are lost for good and never realize that they can go to the security office to see if they are in the lost in found. One student almost paid for a new set of keys until she went to security and found her keys there.

“I was convinced I lost my key to SLC last year for sure but I had a gut feeling that I had to look in the lost and found there. Luckily I found them and they were sitting there along with my lanyard,” Lauren Nadler, senior, said.

But, sometimes it is not that easy.

Another student lost her keys that had a tile block on them and the app said they were outside her dorm but they were no where to be found.

“I had a tile block on my keys to make sure if they did get lost I would be able to find them on the app I had them connected to. I believe I was pulling something out of my coat pocket and they fell out. I went downstairs later to find them and they were not out there. I was standing on top of the dot that said they were out there, very strange,” Sarah Blair, sophomore, said.

Blair knew she had to get new keys as soon as possible.

“I was told by multiple people to go to two different places, one being security and the others saying residence life. I went to security first and they told me to go to residence life first. I wish there was a way for me to find out where to go in the first place and what to do,” Blair said.

Andrea Gruger says to always check the security office lost and found first.

“Many lost items, including keys do get turned into their office. If their key(s) are not turned into the security office, I will them submit a work request with our facilities staff to have the student’s lock changed and a new key(s) made,” Gruger said.

New keys cost money. The business office will charge $75 to your account for one key. Each key that you lose add $75 to your bill.

This charge will need to be paid off before the school year ends.

“Yeah, that is the downer of my whole losing my keys situation, I had to of them on their, one to my suit and one to my room. I will have to pay $150 before I leave school in May,” Blair said.

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