How to organize a great campus event

Understanding the process of putting on an event may be difficult at first but soon the process will seem easy and effortless.

Events are put in place on campuses around the nation for one purpose, to better the student body’s college experience. Going to college and not having events on said campus creates limited opportunities to find friends that have the same interests as you. Most students believe that the Campus Activities Board is responsible for all the events put on Quincy University’s campus, but anyone can put on an event. 

These are the students on campus that are helping work towards events on campus.

There are a series of steps that are important to take that make sure your event is well attended  but the task is not impossible. These steps include the following:

  • Have a well thought out idea of an event that would bring students out of their dorms.
  • Talk to Johann St. John about the idea to get it approved and set a date with him.
  • Choose a location on campus where your event will be and submit a form to the event registration website.
  • Make a well-designed flyer that will catch students eyes.
  • Start planning what you need to buy, and as the days get closer talk to St. John again to get the items purchased.
  • Day of your event, have everything ready about a half hour before your event, or if it is a larger event has everything ready an hour before.
  • Take plenty of pictures during the event and make sure everything is ready.

Plenty of students on campus have gone through this process so if there is any confusion ask any resident advisor, or person working in the Student Success Center.

Julianna Basler who is a resident advisor on campus knows even more in detail the steps to take for a successful event.

“The steps to put it on are you need flyers to hang up on all the dorms if you want it open to everyone, word of mouth tell friends and friends of friends and lastly social media. Post it on the major social media accounts like Instagram and Snapchat. A lot of people look through stories and then they can tell their friends about it because we all don’t talk to everyone we follow on social media so that is a good way to get it out and have it spread like wild fire,” Basler said.

Different events put on by both Residence Life and CAB.

Many students also enjoy going to these events and know what they are about because of word of mouth and the use of social media. Getting out of their comfort zone is what event mangers want and according to Timi Ajayi this tends to be the case.

“They keep the students more engaged and makes them come out of their comfort zone. Events on campus make the students get to know each other and also helps them from significant relationships,” Ajayi said.

To get students out of their comfort zones is what students who put on events tend to achieve but they need to know what will get students to the events.  

“As a RA to put on a successful event you have to think about what do a lot of students find interest in outside of the classroom. One of the top things is art. Students love to be crafty and it helps relax them and relieve stress while doing the art event. I found this out last semester when I had a very successful canvas and smoothie night,” Basler said.

Her event attracted 50 people and Basler did not expect that when she put on the event. Basler also explained that students tend to flock towards events that have food represented with them and for athletes if the food is healthy the number of people who show up increases.

“You have to cater to what the students like and what will get them to come,” Basler said

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