Issues with dorm temperature causing sleep problems

Students immersed in their phones during dinner at the cafe.

Students living on campus have been having issues sleeping due to the temperature of their dorm rooms. Quincy University offers space heaters to students who want more heat for their space but do not offer fans. 

Quincy University has been having issues regarding dorm temperatures since the beginning of the school year. Even announcing that the AC unit in dorms like Friars Hall would be temporarily offline when students had just arrived back on campus in August. 

“I would say my quality of sleep is not the best, I have a busy schedule so it’s hard to prioritize sleep sometimes. Usually I just set an alarm and try to figure out how many hours I get and I just go from there. Sometimes it is super hot in my room and it plays an effect on my sleep,” Dimechi Herring said. 

Having to balance sleep with other priorities is an issue all of the students interviewed had claimed they struggle with sometimes. Things that distract from sleep like phones, video games, and overall scheduling limits students’ sleep.

“I think I get good quality sleep when I’m asleep, but I wouldn’t say that I always get enough sleep I guess. Maybe six to seven hours…I stay up on my phone sometimes, playing video games or when I have a test I stay up late doing homework. I say probably a good amount of people are sleep deprived just because they don’t realize it’s important, so they don’t prioritize,” Grant Hajicek said.

Sleeping in the daytime, as in taking frequent naps, is very popular among students. Every student interviewed mentioned how naps are how they can stay awake enough to be focused in class. 

“I don’t sleep a lot, I have homework at night and I don’t do it during the day because I have a fear of being left out of things. So everybody else goes to sleep and then I’ll do my homework. I won’t get a lot of sleep and then I have practice in the morning, so I take a lot of naps during the day,” Kaelyn Conger said. 

However besides balancing student life and other activities students must come back to a room that seems to frequently have temperature issues. 

“I think I sleep a good amount but I feel like a lot of my sleep gets in through like naps and stuff. I feel like what affects my sleep is if it’s really hot or really cold. Living in Willer they are not really good at keeping the temperatures at a good temperature. When it was 30 degrees out they wouldn’t turn on the heat and it was freezing. Then when it turns 70 degrees out they decide to then turn on the heat, so it’s really hot. They also turned off the AC when they did that, so the temperatures were just all over the place, it went from really cold to really hot,” Kayla Castelino said. 

Thermostat displaying the room is 80 degrees
Thermostat displaying SLC dorm room is 80 degrees when set to 60 degrees.

Some buildings have begun to turn on their AC systems, like Friars Hall, however some buildings like the Student Living Center have further issues because they have issues with their in-unit AC. 

These would have to be fixed and monitored individually, which could be very time consuming for maintenance. 

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