How a warrior pose at sunset can help you de-stress

By Adam Meyer

Relaxation is a part of every healthy lifestyle, without it we would constantly be stressed and tense causing great uneasiness in our life. Yoga is a way to achieve this relaxation while also stretching out your body, making better long term effects. The incorporation of nature and body can come even easier when doing poses outside.

“I think that sunset yoga is a way to incorporate relaxation and the beauty of nature. Especially as the days start to get warmer!”

Mary Argana said.

Last year, sunset yoga was presented to the student body resulting in a positive outcome with students willing to be involved in it and some of which asking Argana to put on another event. Argana put the program on and decided to try another one because the first was such a success, and the turnout to this one was a success as well.

Anyone is welcomed to sunset yoga even if they arrive a bit late just hop right in, as long as there is respect for others when joining. Each student had to either bring their own mat or towel to perform yoga, but not everyone decided to use either and just performed in the grass. At the event there were primarily women who do not play any sports, and the men who showed either played a sport or didn’t, exemplifying sort of diversity for the program.

Some doing the yoga weren’t just first timers either, for Kimberly Bukowski she does yoga to keep her up to par with her flexablilty. 

“That was not my first time doing yoga. I dabble in yoga, I don’t do it very often, but I started a couple of years ago. I’ve taken dance lessons since I was 3 years old when I was 16 I stopped taking lessons and I picked up yoga to stay flexible,”

Bukowski said.

Athletes on campus are also not uncommon when it comes to participating in yoga for their team. For instance, in their offseason season the Quincy University Football team will do yoga in the morning. Men’s volleyball also participates in doing yoga to keep their joints limber so they are not in pain when on the court. The team would participate in yoga even on away trips to help prepare them for their game the upcoming day. For Blake Sprecher, a mens volleyball player, yoga helps him on and off the court.

“Yes yoga does relax me, it is nice to take an hour and just focus on yourself,”

Sprecher said.

Yoga is a very popular event for anyone to participate in, and when it gets warmer outside be sure to stop by Argana’s event if you happen to pass by. Students are very excited about the event and even want to see more of it in the future.

“After this year’s event, a few attendees asked if we could do the event weekly. I’m glad student development gave me the opportunity to do it,”

Argana said.
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