Spring is here and the outdoors are waiting

By Shane McAdams

Spring is here and the gloomy and dark days of winters past are just that, a thing of the past. However, with all the nice weather headed our way, some students may not know the plethora of parks and other great recreational activities that are hidden just from view of the average QU student.

Many students live in something of a bubble when it comes to where they spend their free time. Many students spend most of their time going back and forth from north campus to main campus with little thought of what else there is in Quincy to do. Sure there are things here and there to do on campus, but the real gems of Quincy are its parks and recreational locations.

One of the best hidden gems of Quincy is Moorman Park. Moorman Park often times is a park that most students wouldn’t know about, but it has so much to offer to students. It has a lake for fishing, batting cages, mini-golf, disc golf, sand volleyball courts, playgrounds, and so much more. Moorman Park is the perfect place for a cheap and fun date while playing mini-golf or a bike ride, or hanging out with friends playing disc golf.

If you are looking for an adventure that’s slightly more rugged, look no further than Siloam Springs State Park. Siloam Springs is a state park located just 30 minutes east of Quincy. Siloam Springs has lots of opportunities for fishing, camping, archery, and hiking. With trails like the red oak trail that will take you on a moderate 6 mile loop. The state park is full of trails and other opportunities for people to explore the area around them.

Lake side view from Siloam Springs State Park.

Whether you’re going for a hike, gone fishing, or just looking for a good place to watch a sunset on the lake, Siloam Springs is a great place to spend a spring day outside.

Another great place to spend your day outside is Quinsippi Park. For the majority of the year, the park is high and dry and is a fantastic place for recreational activities. It is a great place to go hiking with trails that go the length of the park on the river and great lookout spots along the island to view the river and the corresponding landscapes.

Casual campfire on the banks of the Mississippi River in Quinsippi Park.

Another fun outdoor activity that most students at QU would have no idea exists is the animal enclosures at the Quincy Veterans Home. At the Quincy Veterans home, not only can you pay respects to veterans, but there is a variety of animal enclosures at the Veterans Home where you can see animals like bison, deer, and emu up close. Taking a trip to the Veterans Home is a fantastic way to spend a couple hours, and see something you wouldn’t normally see during day to day activities.

Bison lying in its enclosure at the Quincy Veterans Home.

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