Jump Into Spring Week allows students to have fun before finals week

By Raven Ash

Believe it or not, it is not the university’s goal to have a campus full of stressed out students during the end of this semester. But, for most students, college is stressful. The semesters are filled with quizzes, essays, labs, and other assignments that keep students engaged in their curriculum.

Now that QU students have pushed through the semester and put in a lot of hard work, it is now getting close to a college student’s most stressful week of the year, finals week.

To alleviate some of the stress that stems from finals week, the Campus Activities Board took action.

CAB put together a fun-filled Jump into Spring week to help students relax from academics before officially entering finals week. Jump into Spring allowed students to participate in fun activities for no cost, making it available to all students who wished to attend.

Due to the snow on the Monday that began Jump into Spring Week, the Jump Into Spring Day Party was cancelled. The first event was Scottie’s Fun Spot on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday evening from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. students were invited to Scottie’s Fun Spot to participate in a “FUNtastic” night. The night consisted of unlimited mini golf, go karts, laser tag, roller skating, mini lane bowling, bumper cars and laser frenzy. Many students of all ages attended the event.

“I believe that the Scottie’s event was very successful. I was a lot of fun and many people were able to enjoy their time there,” Kristin Hunt said.

On Wednesday night, the fun did not stop. Students headed over to Casino Lanes for Glow Bowling Night. Students had access to 26 bowling lanes, pool tables, door prizes, pizza and wings all for no cost.

For Thursday night’s activities students were going to gather on Friars’ Lawn to view the movie “Aquaman”, however Mother Nature interfered. This event was also cancelled due to a storm on Wednesday night.

To close the week, a one thousand plus Easter Egg Hunt was scheduled for Sunday afternoon for those who did not go home for the holiday. In addition to the one thousand eggs, there were 50 golden eggs. At the end of the hunt, students exchanged their collection of eggs for prizes.

“The Jump Into Spring Week was a really good idea because sometimes with all of our school work and extracurriculars it is hard to find time to get out and have fun,” Daniela Mancilla said.

A week full of fun activities may not have eliminated finals week, but it helped students get some much-needed time to have fun with friends before finals preparation begins.

“This week was cool because it is us being able to end the year on a fun note, even though finals are right around the corner and we will all be studying to finish out the year strong,” Justin Rodriguez said.

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