NBA 2K rolls out glitch-filled game

By Reggie Austin

Every year one of the most anticipated video games, NBA 2K, has its own release day. The day is called #2KDay.

The game aims to simulate the NBA, or National Basketball Association. Each year’s installment brings in more excitement and more fans.

The $60 price tag this year has fans disgruntled as some of the game is yet to be finished. Some early bugs or defects in the game have been trending on Twitter as of late.

Meshawn Marshall is a casual gamer who often enjoys to play NBA 2K. Although it’s only a week into launch, he thinks the game has great potential.

“It’s gonna be the best game later on in like November or December,” Marshall said.

He wants to remind the upset fans to be patient about

The hashtags #Fix2k20 and #FixNBA2k20 have been going viral with video clips of glitch-filled game play, being disconnected from the internet, and memes showing their displeasure with the game.

Since its launch on September 6, a large number of players have begun reporting major technical issues with the annual basketball game, NBA 2K20.

Shaquille Russell is a long time fan of the NBA 2K series.

“I’ve been playing the game pretty much everyday since it came out,” Russell said.

Some fans spend over 100$ to get the full gaming experience.

With the game’s popularity on the rise, some people are worried about the amount of attention it will garner.

Russell spoke on his balance of playing the game and going to class.

“I’m not like the knuckleheads who don’t go to class to play the game longer,” Russell said.

He made it known that his coursework comes first.

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