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Pokemon GO

By Reggie Austin Pokemon GO still is sustaining it’s success long after its 2016 release. In Quincy, there is a group of people who created a Facebook group for other trainers. The group is for the local trainers to organize,talk and post for Pokemon related topics. The augmented reality game combines the video games atmosphere with the real world to

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Esports looking to expand

By Reggie Austin Since 2014, the rise in popularity for video gaming and streaming has been unmatched. Esports or electronic sports is the competitive world of gaming. The viewership of gaming tournaments and other gamers streaming is unprecedented. The statistics are undeniable. In a report from newzoo, the amount of casual viewers and esports enthusiasts will grow to 557 million

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NBA 2K rolls out glitch-filled game

By Reggie Austin Every year one of the most anticipated video games, NBA 2K, has its own release day. The day is called #2KDay. The game aims to simulate the NBA, or National Basketball Association. Each year’s installment brings in more excitement and more fans. The $60 price tag this year has fans disgruntled as some of the game is

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QU Constitution Day opens discussion about immigration

By Reggie Austin Constitution day has become a mainstay at Quincy University. The day serves as a holiday to showcase opinions on current issues. Students and faculty filed into the Hall of Fame room to hear this year’s hypothetical proposal. The floor was open to any and all comments. Participants were provided a fact sheet that answered general questions about

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