Vital road closed for construction

By Alex Crozier

The portion of 18th Street that connects QU Main Campus to North Campus and QU Stadium has again been closed for repairs. The street has been under construction for the majority of this year but was drivable until last week.

QU Stadium traffic for upcoming games will have to be diverted along Spruce St.

A map sent in an email by QU Community Relations showing the traffic flow

18th Street connects Main Campus to North Campus, so students traveling from one site to the other need to take other roads. These other roads, 17th Street for example, have many stops and are much skinnier. Kids will sometimes play in the street from the homes in the neighborhood, something that would never happen on the much busier 18th Street.

The road has been closed and opened sporadically over the last year. Making the commute between classes difficult for some. But not without good reason.

In an interview with WGEM News in June, Quincy City Engineer Jeffery Conte said crews had been delayed by the weather.

Conte also told WGEM that some additional work made the project go longer.

It may seem like the construction may never end but if things go according to plan, this will be the final phase of the renovation.

Along with the roads, the sidewalks leading to QU Stadium are also getting a renovation. According to a calendar event on

The city of Quincy posted information that the second phase consists of street resurfacing, replacement of curb and gutter, and construction of new sidewalks.

That same post estimates that the road will not be completed until November 29, 2019.

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