Students still prefer print over digital books

By: Taylor King

Students have found that they prefer printed textbooks over having their textbooks online through their computer.

With the new textbook tuition at Quincy University, professors have chosen textbooks for their classes, even if in the past they have not had a book for the class, almost all classes have one now.

But students are not happy about having online textbooks for many reasons. They complain that it hurts their eyes after a while trying to read a chapter. It get harder to flip back and forth between pages.

“I really like print textbooks a lot more than I like the online textbook just because you can mark in them and put little sticky notes in them, highlight them as well,” Shane McAdams, senior, said.

When it comes to highlighting important information in textbooks it is easier to grab a highlighter than to find the tool through the program on the textbook and digital highlighting can be difficult.

“When you have the online textbooks its just really hard to flip back to a page and you remember something on a certain page you can’t flip back to it, you have to think; oh yeah what page was that and look for it. It takes way longer to find something in another chapter that you already read. Print is the way to go,” McAdams said.

Some students were required to have both print and digital textbooks, which students are confused about.

“I am not sure why I need both the online version of one of my textbooks and then having the printed version. It doesn’t make a lot of sense because I know I will never touch my online book. I like having the book right in front of me,” Sarah Blair, junior, said.

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