An International Proposal

By: Sarah Vahlkamp


“It was like, in that moment, the whole universe existed to bring us together.” –Serendipity

Serendipity could not have occurred more beautifully humorous than when Bridgette Fenton ’98 and Paul Sprovieri ’98 met for the first time.

It was in October 1994, their freshman year, that Bridgette worked in the cafeteria to pay for her tuition. Paul played for the football team and would go to eat with the team after practice. It happened to be a day that the cafeteria was serving fried chicken and mashed potatoes which Bridgette knew was a favorite of the team. She was given strict rules not to give extras to the students, and she gradually became more frustrated with each person who asked for more.

“Of course this was a busy time… When Paul came up and was the tenth person to ask for extras, I was rude and slammed potatoes on his plate and all over his shirt. Now, 22 years later and mashed potatoes are part of his favorite meal,” said Bridgette.

Bridgette and Paul soon began dating after the incident and continued to date throughout their time at QU. They graduated in 1998 with Paul receiving his Business Administration degree and Bridgette majoring in social work. Their story of romance was not over when they graduated, however.

Two years later, in 2000, Bridgette, Paul, and family members traveled to Ireland to visit the Bunratty Castle in County Clare, Ireland. It was only two days after Valentine’s Day that Paul proposed during the Bunratty Dinner Theater Performance in front of ten family members. Bridgette, of course, said yes, and the two were married on November 9th, 2002, at Our Lady of Peace in Darien, IL.

Sprovieri Wedding

Paul and Bridgette Sprovieri have since had two children together, and both work in education in Chicago. They will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary this November.


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