Seniors: New BBP course required for graduation

By Alexa Low

A Bonaventure Program Portfolio (BPP) course has been popping up on the schedules of graduating seniors.

This eight-week, pass-or-fail course is a requirement for seniors to graduate.

Barbara Rowland , Ph.D., is a currently a professor for the BPP course. She said the BPP course is designed to guide seniors through finishing their portfolio prior to graduation.

“We decided to create this course to help them understand what the portfolio is, what we expect from it, and how to put it all together,” Rowland said.

This course is new this year and has caught many by surprise. Finishing the portfolio has been a requirement to graduate in some majors; however, the university noticed students were not aware of how the process worked.

Rowland realized that most students were not aware the course existed.

“Moving forward, we hope that there is more awareness of the course through advisers, through instructors, and through information through the university to make students aware that they need to register for the course,”Rowland said. “They can prepare for it and arrange their schedule so that we don’t end up having students notified at the last minute that they’re going to be in that class.”

Seniors who have not received an email about this course should expect to see one around the second eight weeks of the semester.

As seniors realize the portfolio can help them land a job in their career field, the next step is to apply for graduation. An email was sent out to students at the beginning of the semester reminding them to apply for graduation. The deadline to apply is Monday, March 2nd by 5 p.m. and the form can be found on the registrar page.

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