West coast student talks about living in the Midwest

This is a picture of a student at QU.

By Micah Wheeler

Quincy University has students from countries such as Australia, South Africa, and even Jerusalem. But similar to the international students, the students who are from different states in the U.S are not used to midwestern living.

Kris Sudden, Se’Maj Buchanan, and Chyrome Thorpe are all students who attend QU that either live or have lived on the westside of the country. Here’s what they had to say about living in the midwest.

What is the biggest geographical difference you’ve noticed since living in the midwest?

Se’Maj: The biggest difference for me is that there are a lot more trees. In Vegas all you see is either palm trees or desert. Y’all got big tall trees too. The biggest tree I’ve seen that wasn’t made out of plastic was the one in my backyard. There also isn’t a mountain in sight out here.  In Vegas you see mountains in all directions.

 Have you ever seen snow before coming to the midwest?

Chyrome: Yeah I’ve seen it once as a kid but it does not really snow that often in southern Cali. All the snowing happens higher in the state. Personally I don’t mind not having snow because I hate the cold and I love going to the beach . But unfortunately when I got to Quincy I had to learn to adapt and adapt fast or I would have left by now.

What were the racial demographics of the high school you went to?

Se’Maj: My high school was a mixing pot. There wasn’t really one set race that overtook the school. Now that I’m thinking about it, there were not that many white people compared to all the other races. It wasn’t odd to see a white person walking around but when you see one you can’t help but stare.

What restaurants are on the westside that you do not see in Quincy?

Kris: Oh man, first of all we got an In-N-Out burger. That place is beating your favorite burger shop by a long shot. Then Five Guys Burgers and Fries is second to that, then we have Fatburger which is third. Then we have some great Mexican food too like Rivas, Roberto’s, Tacos El Gordo, and Los Tacos. We have a place called Hawaiian Barbeque that’s fire. We have Carl’s Junior, they call it Hardee’s down here we call it Carl’s Junior. Then all the famous chicken spots like Popeyes, Church’s Chicken, KFC, and Wingstop.

 If there is one thing you would change in the midwest what would it be?

Chyrome: The weather. It’s just too cold out here for me. I miss when the temperature would never go below 70 degrees. I miss being able to go to the beach on Christmas instead of being snowed in. I miss wearing my muscle shirts and shorts. I miss wearing sandals with no socks. I just miss home man.

If there was one thing you could add in Quincy to make it feel more like home, what would it be? 

Kris: If I could add one thing it would be to add more black people. In this part of the city it’s too many white people for me. I like being in diverse areas where there isn’t a dominant race. And personally I don’t get down with white girls like that so it’s ten times harder.

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