What’s different about moving out of the dorms during a pandemic

By: Taylor King

Moving out at Quincy University in the past has been a pretty stress-free event, students can leave at anytime once they are finished with their finals.

But of course things are going to be done differently this year, the pandemic has changed the game for a lot of last year events on campus, including this one.

Andrea Gruger, director of housing, wants students to know her advice that she has during this time and the move out process.

When it comes to students exchanging furniture, get a hold of your friends in advance so that everything is put back in the right rooms.

“I would encourage people that if you know you have an extra bed from so and so’s room or something else like that, just reach out to us so that we know there is something that needs to be put in another space. That is not going to be something that we will fine students for, if we have to end up moving furniture for our students,” Gruger says.

Residence Life knows that these are trying times and it is going to be difficult for everyone. They will work with their students, as long as they keep in constant contact with them if necessary.

As far as for Quincy University’s international students there is a different procedure for them, since most of them have already gone back to their countries for the rest of the semester.

“We have an ongoing list of students who have requested to have their room packed up. For that scenario, if you have a friend on campus or somebody that you want to request I want this person there packing my belongings, I will help to arrange them to get access to pack your room for you,” Gruger explains.

For anymore information on the moving out process or any questions for Res. Life, contact Andrea Gruger at grugean@quincy.edu

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