4 hobbies you can start today

By Micah Wheeler

During this time we all have more free time to ourselves than we have ever had before. With too much free time it is easy to get bored of doing the normal things you do when you have free time. One can only play the game for so many hours before you begin to lose interest. In order to prevent boredom, finding a nice hobby to spend your free time on is a great way to stay productive and entertained. Here is a list of hobbies that can keep you occupied during quarantine.

  1. Gardening

Gardening is a highly underestimated trade. Growing your own fresh vegetables and fruit is a great way to appreciate what Mother Earth has to offer for us. The process for growing fruits and veggies is lengthy and can keep you occupied for a few weeks. It’s a hobby that demands responsibility and with the right amount of care a treatment, gardening will give you one less reason to go to the store. 

  1. Cooking 

When the world was not quarantined people had the ability to go out to eat. Unfortunately we live in a society today where some people don’t have the ability to cook. Now is the chance for people to take the time to dive into a cookbook. Cooking is a survival skill that can be important  for someone who has a family to feed, a spouse to please, or simply needs to be able to survive on their own without having to spend a lot of money. One dish that can be put through trial and error, due to the grocery stores running out of beef, is spaghetti or tacos. I’m sure you can make these dishes as many times as you want if you’re that family that impulsively bought all the beef to hoard in your freezer. So there is absolutely no reason for you to call Doordash.

  1. Toilet paper castle

Another interesting and creative way to reverse boredom is to build a toilet paper castle. There’s no sense in denying that you were most likely one of those families that bought 30 cases of toilet tissue when the pandemic first began. So let’s put all those excess cases to use. Building a toilet paper castle is something that can bring you closer with your kids, neices and nephews or younger siblings that may also be wondering why there are 30 cases of toilet paper in the first place. You can cosplay “Romeo and Juliet” or reenact the scene of Bran falling from the window of the high tower in “Game Of Thrones.” With those 30 cases of tissue you could also make two fortresses and play battleship. The first to knock down the other team’s fort cleans everything up in the end. 

4. Sewing

Being able to sew is another underrated skill that takes time and patience. Having a piece of clothing ruined due to it having a tear or hole in it is not fun at all and throwing it away is just a waste of money. So grab the needle and thread that has been in your grandmother’s drawer of miscellaneous things and start sewing!

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