How to start your post quarantine bucket list

This is a picture of a written list of things to do placed inside a bucket.

by Micah Wheeler

Being trapped in the house all day has made me realize that there are a lot of things that I took for granted. It’s something about being able to move about in society with other people seeing new faces and new places that feels satisfying in a way. Interacting with society is a part of being human but this virus prevents us from doing that. When I am bored, I constantly dream about all the places I could go if I weren’t quarantined so I made a bucket list.

1. Find a job

My first order of business is to find a place to work that has reliable hours and pays well. My mom and I have been searching nonstop to find somewhere for me to work but still have yet to get a reply. I’m sure it’s because of the current situation of the world which is completely understandable but I’m positive a door will open up eventually. In order for me to write off the things on my bucket list a little bit of money is needed.

2. Find a studio to record songs

During this time I have been working to come up with a playlist of songs that I wish to get recorded and published. During winter break I got the chance to buy some equipment to practice recording my vocals with. I’ve been in contact with some people that have connections with engineers and producers and plan on further networking with other people around the city.

3. Take a family vacation 

Around summer time me and the family try to find a few free days to take a turnaround trip to california. We are all tired of being inside the house with nothing to do and nowhere to go and agreed that when this is all over we’ll take a trip to the beach as soon as possible. It’s funny because the trips we take are usually not planned weeks ahead of time. We figure what days we are all free, pack the car, and go.

4. Go shopping

While taking these California trips we usually kill two birds with one stone. California has a garment district in downtown Los Angeles which is where we do a majority of our shopping. Summer is coming and I’m trying to be prepared to look and feel good. I personally prefer a cooler temperature than what Vegas has to offer which is why my wardrobe is filled with multiple hoodies and pairs of sweats but still love for my skin to soak in the sun.

5. Go on a date 

I’m not the type of person to sit in the house all day. I like going places with people and doing fun things. Not being able to see my friends is beginning to make me feel alone and sad. I’m used to just pulling up to someone’s house and going somewhere to do something. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere in public. It could be in a car parked on the side of the road with snacks and a netflix movie playing on the phone through the aux cord and make our own little movie theatre.

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