Warmer temperatures cause more outdoor foot traffic

Several People walking at Bob Mays Park

By Cassie Phillips

With the warmer temperature heating up our days, there have been more people out and about.

Many families are putting on their walking shoes and hitting the trails. Bob Mays Trail is on 18th street about a block from Quincy University’s North Campus.

Walking on the trail I noticed an increase of walkers, runners, and bikers.

Taking walks in one of the activities you can still do while under the stay-at- home order. With the warmer temperatures, many people are taking advantage of the warm days and getting out of the house.

Ronni Holtschlag goes on bike rides every day just to get out of the house.

“I have been taking bike rides and doing an Ab Buster workout at home. I have enjoyed my home workouts though. Being home has made it more of a habit and not making excuses for not driving to a gym,” Holtschlag said.

Not only are people out walking on trails, but many are also finding other ways to just be outside.

Sara Phillips works in the SSC at QU as the Experiential Learning Specialist. The SSC is in the basement of the Brenner Library. When Phillips is at work, she has minimal access to the outdoors, all she has is a strip of windows to let in some natural lighting.

“One of the best parts about working from home is, I have been able to move my in-home office outdoors. Which is a huge change from working at QU in the basement,” Phillips said.

Just like Phillips, many are longing to be outside.

Marlene Collins is among the population that needs to stay away from large amounts of people. She wishes that she could go and enjoy the warmer days.

“On these nicer days I have been opening my windows in my house to let in the fresh air, I’m getting tired of being at home,” Collins said.

Many students are taking their classwork outdoors. Joining their Zoom or Google Meets outside.

The warmer the temperature gets the less likely people will want to be cooped up inside. We might see an increase in outdoor traffic now that schools are almost out for summer and it’s just nice and sunny.

Just getting outside can make your whole day better.

“I just feel so much better after I’m outside. When it’s sunny I just feel great and I get a tan,” Phillips said.

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