QU Football player finds his second calling

By Reggie Austin

Alan Wilson, also known as B.J., is a junior offensive lineman for the Hawks football team. He also has a tasty hobby.

Cake pops.

B.J. has been making a name for himself around campus selling cake pops. The talent of baking came natural as it was already in the family.

“So my dad has been baking cakes and cupcakes and all that and selling them since probably as long as I’ve been alive, so like 20 years. He might have been doing it even longer than that, I’m not entirely sure. So that’s what got me interested in baking,” Wilson said.

B.J. started out making a different sweet snack.

“In fact you know what it was it was chocolate covered strawberries, that’s what I started out doing. I sold those in those in high school. And then I was like okay well what about cake pops, it’s pretty much similar, its something dipped in chocolate. One thing led to that, that’s where we are now,” Wilson said.

In addition to the cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries, Wilson also does chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, cakes, and cupcakes. As the coronavirus pandemic continues he talked about how his business has been impacted.

“Last year it was really good like every time I was consistently making like 20 for the week and selling them out within a week. It was really good. This year we obviously have not been at school at all, I made I think 35 or so in my first batch and I sold all of those,” Wilson said.

“I did give up a few away for a cheaper prices when spring break was approaching. Because I didn’t wanna have to hold on to them for that long. So it has been decent but obviously I’m not doing anything now.”

“I bought a bunch of material to make cake pops and I don’t have anyone to sell them to so I’m kinda just sitting on cake pop material right now.”

Wilson hopes that once the virus dies down, business will be back as usual.

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