Heart Hunters Offers a Virtually Scavenger Hunt to Families Stuck at Home

Hearts Linning the Highway In part of the Heart Hunters Facebook Group

By Cassie Phillips

When out an about you probably have seen many hearts in windows of serval people’s houses. Heart Hunters is a way to host a virtual non-contact scavenger hunt.

If you look up Heart Hunters on Facebook, there are groups that you can join.

Within these pages, people can post where they have seen hearts around their neighborhood. Also, people will post about their own hearts that they have put up as well.

There are serval Facebook groups one group on Facebook has over one thousand members from all over the country. There is even a group just for Illinois Heart Hunters if you live in Illinois and want to partake.

The groups decide that a virtual scavenger hunt would be a great way to remind people that we will get through these times together.

Hunting for these hearts will give parents and kids an activity to do while at home and in their neighborhood.

These Facebook groups are still very active, every day there are new posts about people finding hearts or putting up their own hearts for people to find.

I decided that I want to partake in the action. I live in Coatsburg Illinois which is about 25-30 mins east of Quincy. I wanted to take a walk and see how many houses have hearts in their windows.

I live in a town of about 200 people, which is pretty small compared to the surrounding towns.

Out of every house in Coatsburg, 10 houses partook in the Heart Hunter’s scavenger hunt.

One of my best friend’s families put hearts along the highway because they wanted it to be very visible.

“My mom has been using it as a creative outlet and because we live on a major highway she knew there would be a chance that a lot of people could see it and know that even in smaller towns we understand the severity of COVID-19,” Alexia Rutledge said.

When looking at the Facebook pages about the Heart Hunters many of the post are about the hope it gives people.

It is so wonderful how people across the country are partaking in such a simple thing.

It really shows that no matter where you are or what your experiencing, we are all in this together!

How many hearts are in your neighborhood? Happy Hunting!

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