Local Non-Profit Helps Families Get Counted In 2020 Census

By Cassie Phillips

There are several groups that get undercounted during the census. Within this group of people minorities are among that group.

Many shelters and/or groups are trying to change that. My Brothas and My Sistas Keepers (MBMSK) is a local group in Quincy that helps those in need.

Ivetta Cooper is the executive director for My Brothas and My Sistas Keepers.

“My Brothas and My Sistas keepers is a community based youth ministry created to help youth through mentoring , monthly activities community service opportunities, and outreach services for families,” Cooper said.

MBMSK focuses on giving families the supplies they need for everyday living. The biggest demand is for hygiene products.

My Brothas and My Sistas Keeper serves approximately 150 families per year.

Copper also works with Quincy Public Schools to serve with unmet needs such as food and hygiene items.

During the Census such groups however get undercounted.

One way Cooper says MBMSK helps their families complete the Census is by guiding them where to go.

“We direct them to places in the community where they can get help completing the census such as the libraries, the United Way, and the YMCA,” Copper said.

Families that work with My Brothas and My Sistas Keeper are not the only groups finding it hard to complete the census. Older generations and college students are also undercounted.

April 1 was technically the Census Day to complete the 2020 Census and then it was extended to July 31st; but it has been extended again. You now have until October 31st to complete the Census.

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