Students spread love this Valentine’s Day

By Sharadyn Janssen

Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, or anything in between, the tradition of celebrating love annually on Feb. 14 continues. Each year on Valentine’s Day, people exchange chocolate, flowers, and cards with their loved ones.

However, celebrating love doesn’t have to be limited to significant others. There are many different forms of love: romantic love, platonic love, self love, the list goes on. All forms of love serve very important purposes.

In fact, there are actually many psychological facts that prove the importance of love.

For example, according to BetterHelp, cuddling with someone you love “triggers the brain to release oxytocin, and this chemical relieves stress and promotes a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.”

Additionally, Psychological Health Care states that self love “influences who you pick to be your mate for life, the image you project at work, how you accomplish your work, the way you raise your children, the way you interact with those around you and the way you cope with the problems in your life.”

This Valentine’s Day, Quincy University students spent the holiday honoring love, either by themselves or in the company of others.

“I think Valentine’s Day is great for single people just as much as it is for people in relationships. I noticed this year more people were focusing on self love, which is something I think should be more common to celebrate on this holiday especially,” Annie McGinnis, QU sophomore, said.

“Valentine’s Day is special because it’s a fun reason to celebrate the loved ones in your life regardless of your relationship status. It is a great way to show your appreciation to them, and love is always worth celebrating,” Sydney Gorman, QU senior, said.

“Valentine’s Day feels like any other day when you always spoil your girl,” Mitchell Maas, QU junior, said.

So how did Quincy University students celebrate the gift of love this Valentine’s Day?

McGinnis spent her day going on a brunch date to Thyme Square Bakery and Cafe and exchanging small gifts with her boyfriend, Braden Lowery.

“We thought that our Valentine’s Day should be more focused on our love and experiences together rather than presents,” McGinnis said.

Maas spent the holiday with his significant other as well.

“My girlfriend and I went out to dinner at a nice restaurant and then came home to watch a movie on Netflix while we ate popcorn and candy. We also went sledding with her friends!” Maas said.

Gorman spent the day of love with her soccer teammates.

“My Valentine’s Day was pretty simple this year. I had soccer practice early in the day and later at night I got ice cream with some of my teammates. I didn’t mind celebrating this way because we always have a blast together,” Gorman said.

Some people spend Valentine’s Day pampering themselves with face masks and chocolate, while others spend the day spoiling their partners with flowers and stuffed animals. No matter how it’s spent, and while it may look different for everyone, Valentine’s Day continues to give QU students a reason to celebrate.

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