Students find balance between responsibilities

By Sharadyn Janssen

Students are expected to attend class, complete coursework, and meet deadlines. Beyond this, they are strongly encouraged to participate in service work, involve themselves on campus, and develop strong communication skills with classmates and professors.

To go one step further, students also often feel the pressure to maintain a fun social life, make new friends, and obtain that perfect GPA.

And yet, these are said to be the “best four years of their lives.”

There are multiple responsibilities for college students in which they are expected to not only complete, but also excel.

What does life look like for students who participate in athletics additionally?

Student-athletes must attend scheduled practices and games, meet certain grade requirements, and participate in team building events. They must stay in shape, both physically and mentally, in order to succeed.

“Everyday I’m overwhelmed with something. Whether it’s knowing I have a hard practice coming up or a lab that day, there are times where I feel super overwhelmed because there are random things thrown on my plate. It often feels like you’re being hit with everything at once. And I use all of my free time to get ahead or work out at the YMCA, so I don’t really have a space to rest,” Grace Hilbing, QU soccer player, said.

Aside from soccer, Hilbing also works at Carter’s Coffee Bar.

Juliann Heck, QU junior, works at Blessing Hospital and also attends Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences.

“I honestly wake up worried and go to sleep worried, because there are so many expectations to meet. I rarely get a good night of sleep because of it,” Heck said.

Lynnea Janssen, QU senior, told me she substitute teaches throughout the week and works at the Camp Point golf course when the weather permits. She also babysits on the weekends.

“I often feel overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities I have. Particularly from the middle to the end of the semester when things start to really pick up,” Janssen said.

Keeping up with these tasks requires responsibility and time management. Students provide their advice on how they handle all of these responsibilities.

“Get ahead. I can’t stress this enough. Break up studying instead of cramming it in one night before. Also, with that, if you have something to do, do that instead of taking a nap or getting on your phone for 30 minutes,” Hilbing said.

According to Hilbing, it also helps to surround herself with friends that will lift her up and motivate her.

“Definitely plan out your week. Every Sunday, I sit down and plan my week out hourly day by day to help me prepare for the week ahead,” Heck said.

“Make sure to work on a little everyday, so you aren’t left with a bunch by the end of the week. Plan out a time for homework that is most convenient with your schedule,” Janssen said.

The key to success for these busy student-athletes and workers is to manage their time wisely. They utilize those time frames to successfully prioritize and complete their schoolwork.

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