Pad Studio offers entertainment option for students

The door into Padua residential hall at QU.

For students at Quincy University fun has been hard to find this school year. Some have taken the time out to find different hobbies and interest to entertain them.

Building and producing a studio was in the plans. For students this would be a amazing way to have fun during the pandemic.

A student by the name of Charles Callier took it upon himself to create this set up.

“Just wanted to give students a outlet and a entertaining way to get into the music field during the pandemic. I feel like this year was a blessing in disguise. Gave people a lot of time to work on stuff they haven’t before. Especially for myself I was able to sit down and really get into creating music and a sound,” Charles Callier, QU senior, said.

“For me it is easier just to come off the dome, it just matters how I’m feeling. When I’m writing I just feel like I get stuck. I’ll write something then I probably don’t record it that day.Then I’ll go to record another day and probably don’t feel what I’m writing. So I like to freestyle,” Ike Waller, QU senior, said.

This year has been a big opportunity for these students to put out and make music.

“I’m also like Charles I know how to help produce other people’s music for them. Sometimes it is a hard process but it gets easier as time goes on. There are positives and negatives to it. Because some people can really rap and some people can’t at all,” Joseph Mitchel, QU junior, said.

So how do you make good quality music is the biggest question?

Having a platform is everything to some people. That is really what separates people in the long run. For some people they have people and support behind them to push their music and some don’t.

You really have to find your audience and make sure you’re consistent. Consistency is key to keeping your name relevant.

Tracks are made right from the building Padua Hall in room 105. It is a dorm room setup like a studio.

Things to get yourself started with writing music is to know what you want to talk about. Music can express so many stories.

It becomes really exciting for artist once they figure out their sound. Some are more aggressive and some are more laid back.

“Locking in and really trying to figure out what to say is major. Some people rap from the heart and some people just rap for fun. I rap so people can feel where I’m coming from. Coming from my area it’s hard to make it out the city. You have to live life by the day because you might not make it to tomorrow,” Callier said.

The music is a crazy game to play with. You have to be ready and prepared to grind it out just like a sport.

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