The journey for members of “Off Tha Rip” continues

By Eric Stafford

“OFF THA RIP” podcast team has taken a huge step in the podcast world this year. It was all talk at first but finally taken the steps necessary to put things in motion.

Podcasting is really hard thing to get into. It is easy to say you want to do it and never start it. For others some take the opportunity and use this platform to speak on things that are important to them.

This summer will be a blessing and an upcoming year for the people in “OFF THA RIP”.

“Getting things in order was the biggest challenge for all of us. At first we all did know how hard this would be and the work you would have to put in. We didn’t want to come out with anything basic so we had to make sure we did our full research. Things like finding a nice studio to record in, a cameraman to take pictures and also record us and a guy that could edit all of are videos professionally,” Earl Childress, OTR Member, said.

“Getting better week by week was our main goal. When we had first got into the studio it was terrible. We had to go back and discuss everything and really lock in. Fix them rookie errors and give the people something worth watching. For all of us I feel like we all have good chemistry since we know each other so well. The main thing was just topics and staying on point with whatever we had to say. Giving the audience one main focus,” Josh Mosley, OTR member, said.

So how will “OFF THA RIP” improve in the following year of podcasting?

The grind that comes with for some people is a challenge. Some people can get on a podcast and attract a major audience, and some will struggle to keep a couple people. One thing about the grind for podcasting is a real hustler will always find a way.

Things to help get into podcasting are researching what topics you really want to talk about. Also have people with you that really want to be serious and do business. Staying consistent in everything you do because it’s so many opportunities that can open.

It will be very exciting to see things rolling and getting started. Special and fun with the people you do it with. This group of guys should be special that people need to really listen to.

“Being on the same page and staying locked in is the main focus for us. With everybody being in different places sometimes we can get off track. So we have to call and share ideas as much as possible and stay tight. So we can always stay on the same page. I feel like we have a special group and some guys that really want to be great,” Daquan Richmond, OTR member, said.

Everybody in this world has their own type of concept and vision for everything. At the end of the day the real always will win. You can’t stop what God has planned for you.

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