QU Students voice concerns over the conditions of campus weight room

QU student works out with dumbbells in the HFC

By Michele Barletta

Athletes and non-athletes alike have spoken out about their dissatisfaction with the current equipment in the weight room, located in the Health and Fitness Center.

Broken cables, ripped seats, rusted bars, and missing dumbbells are among the main problems with the equipment inside the weight room. Students have described the weight room as below par when being compared to the rest of the facilities in the Health and Fitness center.

Cole Hayes is a member of the men’s soccer team at QU, and says that working out can be difficult when you don’t have all the necessary equipment.

“The stuff is all old, its broken, it’s dirty, it just needs to be fixed up to help make it more enjoyable for us,” Hayes said.

Many students have complained that there are no dumbbells weighing 70 pounds, and that there is only one dumbbell weighing 75 pounds. Plates and bars have chips in them and the dirt on the equipment often comes off on an individuals hands.

QU has what’s known as an olympic gym called The Hawk’s Hangout, that sports teams can book time slots in and work out. Many college athletes have explained that they wish the room would be more accessible for them to use.

“What I’d really like to see is us being allowed to use the Hawk’s Hangout more, the equipment in there is really good, but we have to have a coach with us to go in there,” Hayes said.

A teammate of Hayes, Anthony Binaei says the weight room is disappointing when you look at the rest of the HFC.

“I mean, the HFC is really nice and everything about it is great, but the weight room kind of lets it down,” Binaei said.

Binaei explained how some members of his soccer team, and other athletes on campus, have bought memberships at other gym’s off campus to try and get the most out of their workouts.

“I think maybe 10 of us have gone elsewhere to workout, just because the equipment is new, it’s new, it’s clean, and there’s just more of a variety to choose from,” Binaei said.

Binaei and Hayes, have both bought monthly memberships at the KROC centre in town.

Students are hoping that the equipment will be repaired or replaced soon, not only for their convenience, but also to make sure no one gets injured.

“They could start with the cables, just so that when I’m using them in the gym I don’t get scared that I’m going to hurt myself,” Binaei said.

Students are calling on the QU athletics department to make improvements to the weight room in the HFC.

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