Things you should know about housing on Campus

Padua dorm where most male students live 
Padua dorm, where freshman students along with upperclassman stay

Housing at Quincy University how do you think it is handled? Well the answer is a lottery system,

All students are required to live on campus except in the following situations

Have earned 86 credit hours or more; or

Live with immediate family (defined as parents) within a 40-mile radius of the university; or

Are full-time BRCN students (junior or senior); or Living with spouse or children.

So the lottery system for housing is based on a few different things, the first one is grades, and the second is credits.

Joseph Webb said ”coming from Northwest Missouri State University they didn’t have a lottery system. We were not able to pick our dorm or the room we get to live in, I feel as if this is unique and get to dictate their college experience.”

And there is also a small time window of time you have to complete the paperwork.

some may say the lottery system is flawed because the advantage goes to upperclassmen due to the amount of credits.

And if the junior and sophomore have identical grades the junior gets the advantage.

With space limited at Quincy with enrollment continuing to increase, living on campus will still be a major issue.

This is a picture of the Student Living Center at Quincy University
Apartment style living for students during the school year and also the summer

Also another thing Qu offers for students is summer housing for the months May, June, July.

This summer there will be the most students Quincy has on campus for student rather it athletes or non athletes.

Last year the Quincy football team was given a opportunity to stay in the summer and had a good turn out.

But the football team is looking to add even more on campus this year around 70 students.

but the difference from last year to this year is the cost of living on campus

The price for the summer last year was three hundred a month which is six hundred for June and July

But this summer they decided to raise the price to four hundred a month and two hundred dollars for the month of may.

All students who stay in the summer will live in Student Living Center and all rooms have a kitchen, and  bathroom.

 “This upcoming summer will be my third summer here at Quincy. The first two years I stayed in a house just outside of campus and this summer will be my first summer living in slc.”

Said Kenshay Brown

Not only is this a thousand dollars for the summer but this does not include food.

The cost of staying in the summer is very very high and with the prices this high a student must work during the school year to keep up with the cost.

But the school does offer 3 work days with a company called national and you get paid 12 a hr but will be taxed.

This helps the students a little and should cover at least a month of the 3.

Do you think as a college student you can cover a thousand dollars for rent before may 1st while begin a student?

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