Students find places to study for finals

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Finals week is approaching quickly at Quincy University and students are starting to buckle down and get to work. Finding a quiet place to study and avoiding distractions can be a big factor in success.

Quincy University junior Jamaurie Coakley’s favorite place to go and study is the student success center located underneath Brenner library.

“The SSC is where I always go to study. If you’re working in a group they have bigger rooms, or if you just need to go there by yourself to get work done they have space for that too,” Coakley said.

“I like to listen to music when I do my work I just put in my headphones and I am good to go. It’s nice they’ll sometimes have food in there too,” Coakley said.

The Student Success Center is a great place for students to go to study for finals or just to get some homework done, there is enough space to accommodate students so they can focus on whatever they need to.

Solomon Gustafson, a freshman at Quincy University, prefers to do his studying on the second floor of Brenner library.

“It is always super quiet on the second floor, it really allows you to concentrate,” Gustafson said. “You get a great view of the whole campus I find it to be really peaceful, it’s a great place to go and just get work done and forget about everything else. I always put my phone away too when I head up there that way I don’t get distracted and you can really just lock in on whatever you need to study for.”

Brenner Library and the SSC are both great places to go to study and get work done both places provide a sense of calm for students to write papers, study for tests, or work on homework.

Kori Kay Obert, a junior at Quincy University, likes to do her studying at home.

“I like to be able to move around while I work, especially for some of my art classes that’s what I think is best for me,” Obert said. “Sitting in one place isn’t the easiest thing to do if you’re working on an art project, being able to have some space is nice. I usually turn on a playlist then that’s when I get to work. I do go to the SSC sometimes if I have to work on a paper but for the most part I like being able to do work at home there aren’t any other people distracting me, I think it makes it easier to work.”

No matter where you are working from getting rid of distractions and being able to focus is key to success.

With finals coming up be sure to check out the Brenner library and the student success center for quiet places to study and prepare for upcoming finals.

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