Lao sisters take on the tennis court

The Quincy University women’s tennis team has a lot of strong players for this spring season. Two of those players happen to be sisters. Junior Nicole Lao and freshman Steffi Lao, are playing as teammates for the first time ever this year at QU.

“I wanted to play at QU because I wanted to play alongside my older sister,” Steffi said. “I already liked the place when I visited and heard the nursing program was really good, so I thought Quincy University was a great fit.”

The Lao sisters attended different high schools in Chicago so they have never known what being on a team together would be like. Graduate assistant tennis coach Laura Gutierrez, believes that sisters playing on the same team has its pros and cons.

“I think they would play well together in doubles; however, a sister relationship is tougher to handle on the court,” Gutierrez said. “If they are having an argument, things might get a little complicated. Siblings argue often, but it would be nice to see them playing together and see how they will handle it.”

“We’ve always been close as sisters, but we have never played on the same team before,” Nicole said. “I think it would be interesting to see how we would work together as doubles partners since we know each other so well.” 

The Lao sisters have not yet played doubles together at QU, but there is a chance they will in the future. So far, Nicole enjoys being teammates with her younger sister.

“I like being teammates with her and going to the same school as her,” Nicole Lao said. “She’s always in my room, and I also like being there for her whenever she needs any help.”

Steffi agrees she is happy to be teammates with her older sister. 

“Playing on the same team as my sister is really fun because I feel comfortable knowing she’s close by if I need her,” Steffi said. “I love both of us being a part of this team.”

Not only does Steffi enjoy being teammates with her sister, but she enjoys being a fellow student with her as well.

“I’m glad I followed my sister to QU because I feel like I have an advantage with school,” Steffi said. “We’re both nursing majors so she’s always helping me out with what to expect in the future.” 

Nicole doesn’t mind assisting her sister when she needs it.

“Since Steffi is also doing nursing, I try to help her as much as I can because I know how hard it can be at times,” Nicole said.

As nursing majors and student athletes, Steffi and Nicole have very busy schedules. At times it can be stressful for them, but Gutierrez believes the sisters are just what each other needs. 

“Having someone at school with you that trust and love helps a lot,” Gutierrez said. “Managing tennis and school is never easy, so I think they are lucky to have each other.”

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