Couples have something to look forward to during a summer apart

As the Quincy University spring semester meets its end, so does the time together for some students in relationships. Instead of dreading being away from their loved ones over the summer, students can use this time to plan ahead for the dates that are yet to come in the 2021 fall semester.

Junior Daniel Sanchez will be in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend over the summer. 

“When we get back to Quincy, we’d like to go out to eat at Dunbelly or Tiramisu,” Sanchez said. “The environment at Dunbelly allows much conversation without distraction and Tiramasu is a very pretty establishment with tasty food but it is pretty noisy sometimes. Both places are great though.”

Junior Madison Brueck is also looking forward to planning dates with her boyfriend when the school year returns. 

“We will go out to eat together at Fuji which is our favorite restaurant in Quincy,” Brueck said. “We would always go at lunch time instead of dinner because it’s like ten dollars and we will most likely end up having leftovers for dinner.”

As college students, the less costly the better. Going out to eat in Quincy during lunch hours will often times save money. Many places like Qdoba offer student discounts if the student presents their ID. 

Junior Mac Little and his girlfriend often takes advantage of this student discount.

“Once she is back, we will go on plenty of Qdoba dates,” Little said. “We go there all the time because of the discount and because we just love the food.”

After their dinner plans, the couples have the choice between spending their night in or spending a night out.  

“Hands down we prefer nights out. I am very social and like to have fun,” Sanchez said. “Nights out will always beat staying in for me. The right people can create much enjoyment wherever you can be.”

Although some couples enjoy nights out with friends, others prefer the alone time.

“We are homebodies,” Brueck said. “We would rather stay home and play video games or board games than go to a party any night.”

Some couples are happy with either option depending on the day of the week.

“Weekends are fun to hang out with a group of friends, but on the weekdays its nicer to stay in and relax with each other or even just spend time doing homework together,” Little said.

During nights out on the town when the couples are trying to spare money, some couples try to find reasonably priced activities that are fun with friends or just the two of them. 

“When we aren’t trying to spend a lot, we go to TCBY or bowling,” Sanchez said. “They are fun activities that are both low cost.”

Other couples plan on spending their time together away from the public.

“A thing we’ll like to do is drive around and sit by the river to talk on our nights off,” Brueck said. “The scenery is pretty, and it gives us time to unwind.” 

Whether it be a nice dinner, a night out, or a night in, there are always dates to look forward to for long distance Quincy University couples in the semester to come.

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