How students keep the focus in college

Why do students fall behind in college? It is easily one of the most debatable topics that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Transitioning from high school to college could be very challenging for a lot of newcomers, as well as returning students.

One of the main reasons a student can fall behind is the amount of work that is given out. There are some instructors at different high schools in the U.S. who have to give a heavy course load to students to put them in position to be prepared for what is to come as a freshman in college. College preparatory schools would be the ring leaders for that type of work.

In some cases, it could be a lack of preparedness as the reason for students having trouble keeping up. Students must find time to balance school, work, and any other activities the student may be involved in. The battle would usually start in the mind as some individuals don’t necessarily have the motivation to endure tough times, academically.

The Student Success Center is a popular spot on campus where students and faculty members go to do work, study, and get tutored. QU’s athletic teams use the SSC for their study hall time, which usually would take place after workouts and team practice.

Due to the football team having a numerous amount of players, every member of the team cannot have access to the computers in the success center at the same time. Senior students Paul Sullivan and Chris Poindexter always know to arrive early because they have been at QU for four years and they both know senior year is the most crucial.

“Playing a sport here and being enrolled as a full-time student can be tough to manage. As a freshman, I was always able to manage my time both in and out the classroom because in high school I was the same way. Of course, our coaches stay on top of the players because they want to see all of us do what we love on the field, as well as succeed in life. The SSC is very quiet, relaxing, and a great place to study and do homework. I’m set to walk this fall so the SSC will see a lot of me this semester,” Sullivan said.

Study habits are necessary to pass college classes and are important just as much as time management. Students who may have had great study habits in high school typically don’t enter college with the same momentum. This is because arriving on campus is a new scenery to all. Welcome Week gives everyone the laid-back type of vibe for the most part. After the first week, the ball begins to roll a little faster and that is why it is important to be well-organized as well.

“Students fail for so many reasons that I couldn’t name off the top of my head. I would say the main reason student’s fail the most is because they allow time to get away from them. I’ve been at QU for all my collegiate years and I can honestly say college flew by much quicker than high school did. The SSC is my favorite place to go to study because my teammates are always in there but if I just want to get my work out the way, the Brenner Library is the best for me,” Poindexter said.

Being mentally prepared can take time getting adjusted to but can also affect the student’s confidence level. It’s very common for a student to declare a major but may not be in the classes of their preference. At some institutions, there are a few classes that are required for a student to take before graduating that may have nothing to do with their major.

For example, at QU, there are a couple students with a major in communication or business, but still may have to take a religion class depending on what they did at their previous schools. Situations like these can sometimes bring the individuals attention span down, especially if they have no interest in the subject.

“Falling behind can also come from not taking any mental breaks and trying to complete heavy tasks all at once. I know if I have a heavy load one week, I may do half the work in the beginning of the week then go to the rec center to lift weights and play music to prevent myself from being bogged down with schoolwork,” Sullivan said.

For anyone who may be feeling like school is becoming a burden, be sure to remind yourself that you still have life, and you wouldn’t have made it this far if you weren’t capable.

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