International students transition to America

For years, international students have been coming to the United States for better opportunities.

While Quincy University is full of local students, the student body is also populated with students from around the globe.

With a great international presence within the student body it gives Quincy such a diverse atmosphere and perspective into all things. However, the process to get into America and apply for universities are not always convenient or easy.

Emma Wijnbergen is a freshman international student all the way from the Netherlands that came to Quincy University with an ambitious spirit to grab onto greater opportunities. 

“I feel really lucky that I got everything taken care of on time. Getting your Visa can be very stressful and take a long time. There was never a question whether I should get it though I mean it’s a big deal cause so many people are trying to get it. Everyone wants to have opportunities in America,” Wijnbergen said.

The American dream is something that many people around the world know of and aspire to experience. People come to the U.S. for options, opportunities and freedom. This includes work places, living spaces, and much more. The American dream is an ideal that there is equality within opportunities and endless possibilities for someone aspiring the dream and willing to do the work. 

Zuzia Buchnajzer, a Poland native, came to America when she was a sophomore in high school. 

“When I came to America I was excited for so much. But at the same time that could only take me so far. I quickly realized my basic English was not enough and I struggled for a minute because like I knew everything that we had been learning in school but taking the time to translate it was kinda hard,” Buchnajzer said. 

Many international students travel to America for different reasons but the chance for opportunities is a common theme. The idea that students are welcome here keeps them coming back to America. 

“I was so happy to come to Quincy, everyone was just so kind. America is full of really nice and friendly people. They always ask how your day is going and how you are. People are willing to have a real conversation with you. I’m especially thankful for the people at Quincy University. Everyone is just so happy to be talking to you. I never feel like a bother to people,” Wijnbergen said.

Quincy is a home away from home for many students. Each student has a different experience but for international students the experience far more drastic and a bit more extraordinary.

Quincy University has multiple resources on campus for international students.

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