One athletes’ story of getting through physical therapy

Getting injured and having to take a step back is terrifying. One of the most mental and hardest things a person has to go through in life. Carrying that worry in your head on if you will ever be back the same. Many days and night crying alone asking yourself and God how’d this even happen.

For many people they go through different stages of feelings and emotions. Some people take this time to really get to know themselves and open their mind to new things. Many figure out that they are more than an athlete and have other passions and hobbies that they want to get into.

“Getting injured and going through rehab was really hard for me. Many days I felt like giving up and just stop playing soccer all together. The leg injury I had was pretty bad so I did not know if I would come back the same. Really didn’t know how to feel. I just thank God for my support system and the people around me to keep me going. Them are the ones that really made the rehab process easier. Many days I did not feel like going but they keep me sane,” Tiger Thomas said.

The best part about rehab is when you see things start to get better. You just have to fall in love with the process. Also trust and believe in the therapist helping you. It doesn’t get back to normal over night, so you have to stay patient. Being patient is one of the major keys through the process.

Rehab can also be life changing to people. Some people build lifetime bonds with their therapist and build great relationships. You find many people in that industry that really want to help you get better. You can never go wrong with having people in your life that have helped you and want to see you get back on your feet. Praying that you one day can shine again.

“Through my rehab process at first I was really hurt. Then I realized I needed a break from sports. I just wanted to be able to find my self again and figure out who I am. Sports can be really draining and take a lot out of you sometimes. It sometimes is a blessing in disguise to be able to take a step back and learn yourself. Learn yourself through ways taking away the main thing you do brings out other things in you. Showing that your’re more than just an athlete. That was the one bright side positive thing I got out of being injured,” Shomari Tillet said.

Whenever you come across a rough patch stay positive. The storm don’t last forever. Many people have fallen and got back up stronger. Stay true to yourself in the journey and enjoy the process. Many greats had to go through struggles to find out if their built for the big moments. Do not let these tragedies break you. Stay strong in the process.

Eric Stafford tells his story about working through an injury.
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