The importance of an resume

After graduation, students will like to work find work in their career fields. Job employers from all over are looking for new candidates to hire but what can separate an individual from the pack? A resume would be the correct answer.

In order to stand out among the rest, the resume will have to stand out for you.

What is a resume? A resume is a document created by the job seeker or just someone looking to get accepted into an organization. This document will display the person’s background information, skills they may have, and any accomplishments they have been awarded.

Kristen Liesen, who is the director of career services at Quincy University, job is to see what a student brings to the table with their skills, work ethic, and their involvement to see what they can offer jobs and employers.

Mrs. Liesen have been involved in career services for 16 years where she dealt with cover letters, resumes, set up workshops, and hosted resume training for people.

“When it comes to a resume, my job is to educate people on what it is and why is it important.”

“Employers prefer prospects to have a Linkedin profile along with their resume. On your profile you should smile, look nice, and dress up. The school provides clothes such as shirts, ties, pants, and dress shoes for students going on interviews, and they do not have to return them, it’s theirs to keep,” Liesen said.

The clothes closet can be found inside the Student Success Center in the back towards the computer lab for anyone students and staff members who may be interested.

The hours of the closet are 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Sunday of every week.

According to Mrs. Liesen, there is no specific order the resume should be in. However, she prefers from top to bottom, contact info, education, internships (if any), work experience, and leadership/community service.

For anyone interested in getting started on a resume and need assistance can reach out to Kristen Liesen by email at

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