What senior year means to QU students

This is many people’s last ride attending college ever. Many people are now in the process of finding and searching for what they will do next in their life. It is pretty exciting and nerve wracking just thinking that college is almost over. A course in a person’s life that will be gone forever.

Been a really amazing journey for so many different people. A blessing for families that have first generations graduating. That is a different type of pressure to take on. Trying to make your people proud and take on the responsibility in getting a degree.

“Receiving this degree has been the most important thing on my agenda this year. Nothing else was more important than walking across that stage. Making my family proud and being able to say I did this means the world. Coming from where I come from not to many people go to school or pursue an education. So in this situation I’m really beating the odds. Hopefully I’m inspiring the next young man from back home,” Daquan Richmond, QU senior, said.

For some seniors they have to figure out if they want to stay and pursue a master’s degree. With COVID-19 taking an affect colleges around the entire country have given athletes another year. This is a great opportunity for certain people, because some will be able to walk the stage twice or three times. Just something that every senior should take a look into before deciding to leave school completely.

Some seniors have it rough if they transferred in. All of your credits don’t transfer over so sometimes you might get stuck with classes you do not want. This is something that can sometimes have seniors graduating late. Colleges might need to fix this system of transferring credits. Some people think of it as a money scheme to get people to stay longer. It’s holding many seniors back from walking the stage with all of their peers.

“The friends and family that I have made has been the best part of college. Just the camaraderie and being around people everyday. That is the biggest thing that sucks. Met so many amazing people a few that I will even be putting in my wedding. I know when I walk across that stage and it’s all over I’m going to cry my eyes out. Because a part of me does not want to move on from this. I keep hearing from so many older people that college is the best part of many people’s life,” Kenyon Stone, senior, said.

Congrats to the ones graduating this year. Through the next stages stay focused and always be you. Take one day at a time and make the best out of every opportunity. Always do the right thing and try your best to help the next one in line trying to make something of their life.

“I just thank God for staying with me all these years and putting me in position to win. Through all of the late nights and early mornings I can say I did it,” Adam Price, senior, said.

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