Students prepare for finals

Finals is sometimes an anxious and nerve wracking part of the school year. There are so many things going on and sometimes tests and papers can bring out the best or worst in a person. To truly prepare, many students should take time out of their day to study and truly get an understanding of the material they need to know.

Finals is a time teachers assign tests and papers that review mostly what students learned through the year. They are trying to see how much students understood and payed attention to the concepts they where teaching. Preparing for tests gives everyone the opportunity to analyze how much information they really took in that semester.

“For me college has been pretty much easier than high school for the most part. Most of my classes deal with typing and not having to really take test. I feel like that is much easier for me because I have test anxiety. The only bad thing is that sometimes I might wait until the last minute because you can turn papers in online. Other than that finals does not stress me out too much. I look forward to finals because it means the holidays and vacation time is arriving,” Paul Sullivan said.

Finals are right around the corner. More students are taking advantage of the library and study hall hours trying to get themselves ready in any way possible. It is sometimes a new transition around this time because it makes students more focused. During finals week, students can’t slack off like you used to, everyone has to be more on top of things.

For teachers also this is a big period because a lot of grading has to get done. It means more work for them because many students turn in late assignments. There are many deadlines due to it being the end of the year. Stress affects them too because they want to be able to help students but sometimes it’s too much.

“This is my last year of school I am a grad student. I have been more stressed out than ever. Just trying to find my way in the world and figure out what I want to do with the next chapter of my life. Graduate school and trying to get your masters is not easy, A lot of work and hours you have to put in to receive the degree you want. It is amazing though to be coming to an end for some of us school will be completely over. A new life will be all worth it in the end though,” Tahkey Williams said.

Hopefully all students prepare the best they can and are able to end the semester the right way. Some will be taking their last finals ever and some will be taking their first which is a big stepping stone to everyone in this position. Many will do what it takes to cross over to getting the grades they need.

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