Pasha Yates: QMG, Emoployee Experience Specialist

Pasha Yates, Quincy Medical Group

What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job?

How do I use various communication proficiencies in my work?

QMG uses Workplace which is by Facebook but for the work place. I use that platform to communicate about different events or other initiatives to the organization as a whole. This is where a lot of our bulk communication happens and is a great platform to reach over 1,000 employees without bogging down an email. We have different groups that employees are either added in automatically or can opt-in. There is also a knowledge library that we can put different training tools, forms, and learning materials. For example, we have one for Diversity & Inclusion, where I do research or interviews and write different articles each month to spread awareness.

Internal communication, public speaking, mass communication, and of course, email.

What surprised me about my career?

Here’s my number one piece of advice for Communication undergrads:

What advice would you give someone when looking for a job?My answer to that would be… while looking at the job description and qualifications are important when searching for a job, also think about beyond the job description. When searching…pay attention to the company. Does it align with your morals and beliefs? Look at the environment…does it appear to be an uplifting place with coworkers that enjoy seeing you every day? Does the job challenge you to do the best you can in your career? Does your boss seem like a team player or a dictator? Just because the job description seems great…this is somewhere you will be for 25% of your time each year. Look out for your mental health, and find a job you enjoy and that drives your passion. 

Class year

  • Class year: 2015 BA and 2017 MA

Previous jobs since graduation: 

  • Graduate Assistant at QU
  • QU – Coordinator of Community Relations & Visual Design
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