Pros and cons of the dining hall

Quincy University cafeteria is designed for students and faculty members to go sit down, socialize, take a break in between classes, and eat a good meal. So far this year, there hasn’t been any complaints coming from the students or staff members regarding the food that is being served.

Furthermore, employees of the QU staff have installed an ice cream station for students that may want to enjoy a sweet treat after eating their lunch and dinner. Markus Lofton makes sure he goes to get ice cream at least once a day.

“Last year no one really thought about having ice cream in the cafeteria and it never crossed my mind. The cooking staff always had an designated area for desserts such as cookies, brownies, and a variety of cake. Coming back this semester and having ice cream is really good because it’s something everyone can partake in and enjoy,” Lofton said.

Although there are no concerns, a slight change has happened with the way people have to eat their food. Students can no longer take to-go plates back to their dorms unless they signed up for the program.

“All last year I would just go to the cafeteria, grab a box, and put my favorite foods in there and head back to my room,” Lofton said. “We had no choice because students weren’t allowed to dine in and hangout so sometime it would be tough.”

The 2021-2022 school year has been off to a good start thus far. Freshman students and transfers have a new scenery that they have been able to enjoy.

“Some of the guys from the basketball team would ask me where could they get a straw from and at times, I would be clueless too,” Lofton said. “If I was to point out one thing that seemed a little weird to me, it would definitely be the straw situation.”

“For the most part, everyone that I go to the cafeteria with enjoys the food a lot and they like the way it is organized and easy to access,” Charles Callier said.

“Chartwells has been doing a great job staying on top of everything,” Lofton said. “From labeling everything the right way to prevent confusion to being nice to every student that comes in and eat.”

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