Collectors say bots have increased rare shoe prices

Shoe collecting has really gone out of control in today’s society. So many people are going out of the way and doing anything possible to get their hands on certain shoes. To get your hands on a pair of Mike’s is like selling your soul. In today’s world people really go overboard where people have lost their lives over material things. Really getting out of of hand but no one is putting a stop to it.

For some people it is a cool hobby where you can see that it is a lifestyle for them. You can see the different collaborations and color blends that put together. Especially when it comes to going out and throwing an outfit together, they can get the whole room to look. The shoes is always the “icing on the cake” to an outfit.

“When I was going into high school, that is where I really start gaining a interest in shoes. Having a pair of Jay’s was like a must when you got into high school. This is bad to say and does not matter in the real world, but back then in high school and in the black community. Even still to this day many people in the black community will go broke to look nice in a pair of shoes. It’s sad but absolutely true, have seen people put bills and priorities behind them for a shoe. It is hard to accept but this is what reality is,” Alex Peterson, QU senior, said.

Don’t want anyone to look at shoes as just a bad thing. They also have a lot of positives. Shoes have made a lot of people money and got them off of their feet. Many people have been able make a honest living, starting businesses selling and trading shoes. These all lead into building great relationships and networking with amazing people. So many amazing people around the world that are interested in finding these types of people. Also being able to get your hands on exclusive shoes no one has ever seen before.

The money these shoe companies make off of people is crazy. People have found glitches and different types of hack using bots to get first picks on shoes. These bots have kept a lot of people from being able to get certain shoes. The people that use these bots go out and resell these shoes for way more than the retail price. Hundreds of dollars over and people still find some way to get them. These people that do this have ruined the shoe game, because it’s not fair to people that camp out and actually physically try to get a shoe.

“I feel like you can’t really complain about how the shoe world has become you just have to adapt and get with it. I feel like that is where people go round. Things aren’t how it used to be and it will probably never get fixed. You just have to get with the program. I personally buy all of my shoes on from people for the higher price. I just try to build solid relationships so they don’t charge me a fortune,” Courtney Ramey, sophomore, said.

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