Stolen bikes and Rusty racks: ways to voice concerns

By Chloe Nott

For many students at QU, getting from place to place is simple. Hopping in the car and driving to class or town. But for those without a car, travel can be more complicated.

QU provides shuttles between North Campus and Main Campus during the week, but that isn’t the only transport needed for students.

Bicycles and scooters are popular transport options for students and staff during the warmer months. Not only are they faster options than walking or finding public transport but also healthy, environmentally friendly and highly cost efficient.

The bike rack at Francis Hall is used by students and staff daily

However, there is some hesitancy among students to bring a bicycle to campus. With reports of stolen and damaged bikes, and no space inside the dorms, many students decide it’s not worth the risk.

QU president Brian McGee assured students that any requests will be considered and solutions implemented.

“If a student thinks we’re missing a bike rack at an important place on campus, we’d happily look at that and we’d probably accommodate that if the request was reasonable,” McGee said. “We’d love to help, and we think cycling is a great way, an environmentally responsible and convenient way to get back and forth.”

The current state of some bike racks around campus are in need of repair or replacement. QU’s Chief Financial Officer Mark Strieker said the university currently has plans to fix some of the current bike racks.

“We do have plans to continue painting, and of course some of the bike racks are in need of paint and are looking rusted. So that will be in our plans. We do most of our painting over the summer,” Strieker said.

Rusted bike rack at the HFC

One student who recently had their bike stolen suggests that more security cameras are needed. The campus houses have limited lighting and there are not adequate security cameras to cover the areas.

Strieker also said that along with making requests about bike storage and racks, students can also inform the university about concerns related to security cameras and general safety on campus.

“As far as trying to get things secured better, maybe the idea is also trying to add more of a centralized spot to have a place to store that we do know has good camera coverage and different areas that are even indoors,” Strieker said.

McGee suggested various ways to inquire about current needs to fix or enhance facilities. Students can ask their elected house representative if they are a member of a house system. Alternatively, students can contact Christine Tracy in the office of student development or Kristin Liesen in the Student Success Center.

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  • There is a relatively new bike rack in the courtyard at North Campus. It was purchased by the Environmental Club. It gets little use.

  • Good to know! It would be helpful to put bike racks on the campus map. Students are also asking for an indoor storage solution to protect bikes from theft and inclement weather.

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